When: April 3rd through the 6th

Where: 2525 E 850 N Laporte, IN 46350

Cost: $750.00 per horse. 

Over these two days Colton will be teaching THREE individual classes: Foundation Horsemanship, Horsemanship 1 and Building Confidence & Purpose over Obstacles. Each is designed to build upon one another and help each horse and rider team put purpose to their riding as well as strengthen their relationship and build a deeper sense of understanding and connection. 

Foundation Horsemanship~ Ground Work & Ridden. Working on foundational concepts such as following a feel, getting connected to the feet, desensitizing and more. Young horses, older yet green, restarts or problem solving, they are all welcome in our Foundation Horsemanship class. We will cover basic horsemanship maneuvers both on the ground and under saddle throughout the clinic. Instilling a strong foundation is crucial for every horse’s education and future success. Don’t skip the small stuff, it is these little elements that make the biggest differences down the trail! (This is not a Colt Starting classes, horses are expected to already be under saddle as half the class will be taught horseback)

Horsemanship 1~ Ridden. For horses comfortably going in a snaffle bit or hackamore, this class is entirely under saddle and does not cover any groundwork. Together we will work to further our understanding of our horses and build the confidence of both horse and rider. Participants will work through basic horsemanship maneuvers with the goal of building connection, softness, purpose and try. Regardless of discipline, all horses and riders will benefit from this class!

Building Confidence & Purpose over Obstacles~ Ground Work & Ridden. Putting PURPOSE to the flat/dry work! From the ground for those horses needing a bit of extra help building their confidence and finding their way through the obstacles and then under saddle for those horses and riders who have proved they are ready to put their skills to the test. This class is NOT about who can do the most or get through them the fastest, this class is about working through the obstacles with our horses while maintaining relaxation, softness and suppleness, correctness in both the horse and rider as well as having fun! 

We look forward to riding with you!

9AM-12PM: Foundation Horsemanship
1PM-4PM: Horsemanship 1

When:  May 19th through 20th

Jake Biernbaum

Becoming a Horseman: Balancing Horsemanship and Development

When: April 7th through the 8th

Where: 2525 E 850 N Laporte, IN 46350

Cost: $125/Class or $300 for ALL THREE!
Private Lessons~ $100

There are many people teaching horsemanship, the study of getting along with a horse. But are you also learning about the training and development of your horse? It is your responsibility to educate them or get them education so they can be a productive member of society. 

We are going to delve into not only how to get along with your horse so they enjoy learning with and from you but also how to teach your horse what you want them to know and how not to teach them what you DON’T want them to know! We will set you on a path of learning and progress or help you back on it or further down that road if you’re already on it. 

It shouldn’t be scary, boring, stressful or a chore to be around, handle and ride your horse. Your horse can even enjoy and be relaxed while being worked with. We are coming to share with you how it can be no big deal to get where your horse can do some fun things and also get ready and go for that ride you and your horse have been dreaming of.



Transitions Equestrian Center

Colton Woods Horsemanship 

Progressive Horsemanship/Colt Starting Clinic

RESERVE Your Spot!
50% Deposit to Reserve Spot, nonrefundable unless rescheduled by CWH. Must be paid in full prior to start of clinic. 
Checks Made out to: Colton Woods Horsemanship, LLC
Mailed to: Colton Woods Horsemanship
245 Iron Works Rd
Paris, Kentucky 40361

PLANNING AHEAD- What can I do to prepare my horse?
With a limited number of horses, we have leveraged time in our favor so that each horse may receive the time they need. Therefore for some horses, this could prove to be a tasking 4 days- physically and mentally. 
1 Month Prior- Farrier & Dentist, Wormer if Necessary, Address Ulcers or any other issues that may be under the surface. 

*Horses Under Saddle*- For those already going under saddle and seeking further progression, we advice that you begin working with your horses several months in advance to ensure they are physically fit. Horses that show up out of shape will be limited in their progression simply due to the fact their stamina, mentally and physically, is low. With this in mind- please do not go chase your horse on a lunge line for 45 minutes a day for weeks on end just so they are more fit and no less smarter at the end of the day. 

*Colts to be Started*- In order to get the most out of these 4 days we encourage folks to work with their colts on ground work, desensitizing and basic manners to the extent that the owner is experienced and comfortable. Bringing a colt with little to no handling? Colton is more than happy to work with these colts, but do realize that the feasibility of you being able to ride this colt in the lesson on the last day is slim per the lesson stipulation. Colton will do his best to progress your colt as far as he can in the time they have together, but the preparation prior to the clinic can definitely excel the progress they are able to make together and in turn set you and your horse up for as you head home. 

Lesson Stipulation- Lessons will be dependent upon horses progress, owners comfortability and Colton's ultimate decision based on what he believes is best for the horse and owner. Therefore, if one brings a colt to be started and Colton deems the colt not ready to be rode by the owner, alternate lesson topics such as ground work may be selected. Colton's commitment to Educating each Horse and Person with a Lifetime in Mind is unparalleled and sometimes his decisions may not be the most popular, but it is with the best interest of those involved in mind. If an owner elects to NOT have a lesson, Colton is happy to continue working with the horse just as he had been earlier in the clinic

Colton Woods Horsemanship 

2 Day Clinic and Private Lessons

For 4 consecutive days, Colton will be working hands on with your horses. This is the perfect opportunity to have a colt started or even bring a more seasoned mount that you are seeking a professionals touch. All owners are highly encouraged to spectate all sessions with participant horses and ask questions, take notes and learn together! Your presence and involvement is critical to the success you and your horse have once you go home. With an array of horses there will be so much to learn from each horse and we look forward to having yall join us. 
On the last day (Friday) Colton will be working with each owner and their horse to help connect the dots and send you home with plenty of new knowledge and homework! 

Clinics for 2018

9AM-12PM: Building Confidence & Purpose over Obstacles
1PM-2PM: Private Lesson
2PM-3PM: Private Lesson
3PM-4PM: Private Lesson