Our skill trainers are equipped to work with even the most challenging of horses. We have the knowledge and experience to start training on your horse in any direction, from basic groundwork to advanced performance maneuvers.


   Our friendly and customer oriented staff are available whenever you need to assist you and your equine companion. We provide full care with your choice of 24 hour turnout, a 10x12, 12x14 or 12x16 stall.

We are now on Patreon!

You can now learn from Melissa Ashcraft from the comfort of your own home!! Melissa just released training videos on our Patron account covering different disciplines, tricks, liberty and levels. Videos will be released weekly. starting at $15 a month you can join us for exclusive training videos, ask questions, get exclusive merchandise, the ability to submit your own videos for Melissa to offer feedback on, and so much more!!
To watch Melissa’s online training videos click this link to sign up now!!


​​   We have lessons available for all types of riding disciplines and experiences. We also offer a variety of packages for birthday parties, camps, clinics, and more. Make an appointment today through our Vagaro App!


​Exciting News!!

You can now book your lessons online! Vagaro allows you to view the instructors schedules, book, cancel and reschedule your lessons at your convenience.