Austin's Mystic Sky  (Austin)

Hades is a mini horse gelding with a fun attitude. He is good in the saddle and loves learning new tricks on the ground, like spanish walk, pedestal, and the laydown. He is great for a smaller rider to learn and compete on.

Half Lease

You would share a lease with another rider (besides sharing with lessons).  This means you have access horse 3 days a week, days depending on deal made with the other Lessee. Also, you will have negotiate with other lessee to use the horse for horse shows, fair week, clinics, etc..

$275 per month

Tagit's Irish Bonanza  (Irish) 


Koda is a 8-year-old palomino paint gelding. Koda is safe at the walk, trot, and canter and loves to be ridden. Koda is super safe and fun on the trails and loves the outdoors. He goes both English and western with a lovely frame and won his last rider “Transitions overall champion” accumulating the highest amount of points in all 5 of our fun shows this last season. He also competed in dressage and earned several scores in the 60’s.  He loves learning tricks and groundwork and will work hard for anyone.

Halo a.k.a Merry Legs is angel both on the ground and in the saddle. Her smaller size makes her perfect for younger children to learn and build their confidence. She has a sweet temperament and loves to show off her spanish walk and pedestal tricks. She is ready to teach someone and win them some ribbons.

Austin is a 14 yr old, 13 hand, gelding, Carmello large pony. Austin is training through Training Level Dressage and a Level 2 Natural Horsemanship Parelli Horse. He is a beautiful mover, great with children, wonderful on trails, very quiet, calm, patient and bombproof. Austin can be ridden and shown Saddle Seat, English, Western, Dressage, Jumps around 2 ft and has recently won Reserve Grand Champion at BCYF. He also parks out beautifully, stands on a pedestal, plays soccer, started on bowing etc.


Full Lease

​Besides sharing with lessons you will be the only one riding your leased horse. This means you have full access to the said horse 6 days a week. Also, you will have 1st choice to use the horse for horse shows, fair week, and clinics, etc..

$ 500 per month

Irish is a 18 yr old, 15.2 hands, APHA registered foundation Paint mare that is trained through 2nd Level Dressage and a Parelli Level 4 Natural Horsemanship. Irish is a beautiful mover, very intelligent, bombproof, patient and great with children, English, western, quite on trails, jumps up to 3 ft., Saddle seat. She is a very versatile horse and does a spectacular job in competitions. Irish always places very high in whatever displine competing in and is averaging high 60’s on Dressage Tests. Irish often wins Grand Champion, High Point, High Percentage and Reserve Champion, Reserve High point and High percentage in competitions. You can ride her bareback and bridle less  also lays down and does a 1 and 2 knee bow on cue as well as Spanish walk, plays soccer, standing on a pedestal and much more!


Meet Our Horses

Invictus is a 14 year old andalusian gelding with a spunk for life! Invictus has gone to many expos and preformed right along side our stallion teams. Invictus is a 1st level dressage horse and a spectacular jumper for the confident rider. Invictus is also a wonderful trick trained gelding knowing how to sit, lay down, smile, yes and no, 1 knee bow, 2 knee bow, 2 feet and all 4 feet on a pedestal.

To top it all of, Invictus is part of Melissa's liberty team!


Enjoy “owning a horse” without the extra added stress, responsibilities and most importantly costs. We take great pride in the quality of lesson horses Transitions has to offer. Our lesson horses are not only patient, well trained and mannered teachers but, are very competitive and always place high in the show ring. While leasing a horse, you will be supplied with all tack and equipment needed for the horse. All medical bills, farrier bills, and other expenses will be covered by the owner (excluding medical bills that may arise if horse is injured in Lessee’s care). When you begin a lease we do ask that you start with a two month contract and check. After two months you may go month to month but, you must inform us one month before terminating lease agreement.