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Our Approach

Training Packages

2 Week Training Program          $300

1 Month Training Program         $550

2 Month Training Program         $1000

Prices Per Month

4 Rides per Week                      $440

3 Rides per Week                      $330

2 Rides per Week                      $220

1 Ride per Week                        $110

Prices do not include boaeding cost.

We believe that any horse has the potential to be its best self. As such, we accept all horse breeds and personalities at any level in the discipline of your preference. We aim to improve the horse, starting at the basics to achieve success for you and your horse. Our trainers can be made available off property as well for training, judging, showing, and clinics. Additional fees may apply.

Our clients enjoy work programs that vary based on your personal preferences and goals. We can customize your horses training to allow you to improve the relationship between you and your horse or to soar in the show ring. Our trainers have the confidence and experience to work with many horses of different disciplines, including Dressage, ground work, Trick Training, jumping, Eventing, Western disciplines, and more!

Trainin​g Services

At Transitions, we take a holistic approach to the training of each horse we take on. We will begin by creating individualistic plans designed to help them reach their highest levels of success. We are dedicated to building a horse up with patience, commitment, and communication so they are able to have the strongest foundation to carry on in any future direction you would like to go with them.

You as the client