When: November 3-5     

What time: 9 am 

Where: Transitions Equestrian Center     

Cost: $500 for 3 days  

About Redha: 
With over 30 years of professional experience, Redha Gharsa is a respected horse trainer, dedicated instructor and passionate horseman. He earned his second degree equestrian certification in Algeria before competing internationally for the National Show Jumping Team. After winning top honors at several Grand Prix events, Redha moved to the US to continue his professional equestrian career. 

Redha’s expertise followed him into headlining the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallion Show. For the next 10 years, Redha trained horses and riders to preform dressage and airs above the ground maneuvers for large audiences across the US, Canada and the UK. 

For over 10 years Redha was the Head Trainer and Stable Department Manager for Medieval Times in Buena Park, CA. He continued to develop young horses through the FEI, High school, airs above the ground and Alta Escuela levels. He is also well versed in liberty and trick training that has captivated audiences every evening during the Medieval TImes shows and during their annual Rose Parade and Las Vegas exhibitions. 

Outside of shows, Redha continues to help numerous fellow professionals, adult amateurs and young riders through his unique and thorough teaching methods.

Equine Good Manners Don’t let the Behaviors of your Horse Disturb your Inner Center “Be Unbreakable” Demonstrations ( can be done in big or small arena or round pen)

1 Balance and core building: the 2 sticks training and exercising ball. Bareback Bridleless riding Be safe and balanced “3 secs “to late! Developed awareness, avoid trouble, fix bad behaviors.

2 When your goal is not your destination but to Master the first step towards it! Get better hands, timing and accuracy with the pedestal, sit down and bow.

3 Teaching your horse manners should be also your discipline For peace, Happiness and for successful relation. How to walk, trot at liberty with trust and confidence. In any of this demos I can use horses and riders.

4 Power point presentation; no horses. Be Unbreakable, master your emotions, your partner deserved better. Bullying is not the solution. Training horses for movies.

About Chantal:

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Redha Gharsa Clinic

Clinic with Chantal Turvey Corminboeuf!

When:  December 13-17, 2017
What time: All Day
Where:Transitions Equestrian Center


 I Hour Time Slot: $75.00
3 Hours - ($ 70.00 a hour) $210.00
5 Hours - ($65 a hour) $325.00

Chantal is a born artist and equine performer with class!!! She has been highly acclaimed in 
every accomplishment she did. Her debut in television commercials, stunt double, performance act on 
stage, TV series and Equine Expos all across the world has really branded her style. A great 
personality with Passion and Compassion for every soul she touches. From her youthful years Chantal found her natural ability and talent to communicate with animals and teach them tricks. Chantal with her warm energetic personality became a high performance 
stunt lady in many movies. She also developed her own artistic, acrobatic dance performance for The Alain Choquette Magic Show. For many years she performed on stage as his partner at 
prestigious places like the Cesar Palace in Las Vegas. Her passion for animals returned as she 
developed herself as an acclaimed educator, performer and Trainer with the Tommie Turvey Equine Extremist.

She was a co - performer at all major equine Expos throughout Canada and the 
USA. Her talent continued as she starred in the Walking Dead Series and Underground as an 
actress, stunt performer and equine co-coordinator.

To her attribute Chantal was also one of the trainer for the highly acclaimed Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Commercial 2013

Chantal thought high performance to the horses of the commercial. Chantal is currently operating from the beautiful Equestrian Community in Ocala, Florida. She now travels to offer training programs and seminars. Chantal teaches horses and owners the way to achieve trust and respect. Her goal is for them to find Peace, Harmony and Balance.