The Pre-School Pony Program

      Dedicated to children ages 4-7. The focus of this program is building a solid foundation with basic riding skills and safety while keeping fun in mind. In addition to developing proper riding skills, these children build confidence and self-esteem. All lessons begin in a 50-foot round pen with ponies led by the instructor. As the child learns the necessary skills and develops their confidence, the lead rope is removed, and the instructor moves further away from the pony and student, always ready to step in to reassure or assist as necessary. We have found that it is especially helpful for students to learn to tack/groom their ponies by themselves! As the children progress through the building blocks of the Preschool Pony Program, they will develop the skills and confidence to control their ponies independently.

The Beginner Riding Program 

      This program is for children seven years of age or older who have had little to no exposure to horses and horseback riding. The student, horse, and instructor work together to build a strong, relaxed and confident foundation for success. Students learn how to use a positive attitude improving self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect along the way. We help the student focus on “what I can do” and “what I will do” rather than “what I can’t do” and “what my horse won’t do.” The beginner student will learn how to handle a horse on the ground and natural horsemanship in addition to learning balance and control in the saddle. Walk, trot, transitions, and patterns are the riding skills we focus on at this level.

Intermediate Riding Program 

     Continues to hone the basic riding skills and adds cantering and more complex transition and pattern work to the lesson plan. In addition, the students will learn Natural Horsemanship seven games, how to read a horses body language and understand how to work with horses of many different levels and abilities. Once the student is comfortable in the saddle introductions to jumping, dressage, competitive trail riding, western, contesting and other areas of interest can be added to the program. In addition to Private instruction, semi-private lessons are encouraged to build friendships, play games on and off the horse, water fights, crafts, the additional skills needed to ride with others and much more!


Lesson Programs

ALL students at Transitions Equestrian Center are offered instruction on equine behavior/instincts, horse care /grooming, basic stable management/nutrition, safety around horses, anatomy/physiology/biomechanics, tack cleaning/maintenance, saddling/bridling, safe and quite riding and putting on a halter/tying.


Senior Instructor Rates

Private One Hour                                        $55

Semi Private (2-3 riders) One Hour                $45

Group (4 or more riders) One Hour                $30

Children (under 10) Half Hour                       $40


Lesson Packages (Private)

5  One Hour Sessions                               $265

10 One Hour Sessions              

15 One Hour Sessions                              $770

20 One Hour Sessions                             $1000


Lesson Packages (

5  One Hour Sessions                                $215

10 One Hour Sessions                               $425

15 One Hour Sessions                               $630

20 One Hour Sessions                               $810


 Junior Instructor Rates

Private One Hour                                     $40

Semi Private (2-3 riders) One Hour             $35

Group (4 or more riders) One Hour             $30

Children (under 10) Half Hour                    $25

Lesson Packages (Private)

5  Half Hour Sessions                                $120

10 Half Hour Sessions                               $200

5  One Hour Sessions                                $190

10 One Hour Sessions                               $375

15 One Hour Sessions                               $560

20 One Hour Sessions                               $720

 Lesson Packages (

5  One Hour Sessions                                $165

10 One Hour Sessions                               $330

15 One Hour Sessions                               $490

20 One Hour Sessions                               $630