Transitions is always happy to coach local fair groups and be there throughout the whole process of getting horses and riders tuned up and ready! We coach all riding styles and we were even asked to host the Laporte County Fair jumping demonstrations and design the course for 2017. Transitions is proud to watch the young riders grow into wonderful horsemen and women!

Kids camps go on throughout the summer. We Have a variety of camps such as Pre-Fair, Half Day and, Show Prep. Camps normally start at 9 am and last until 6pm with a break for lunch of course! 5 day camps cost $250 Per student with a $50 deposit. Our shorter camps are $60 per day with a $25 deposit. 

Our next camp is on June 15th from 2-6 pm. We will cover obstacles pattern nd other fun activities.

Always a good time at the Fair!

Transitions is the place to be in the summer! We always have fun things going on and one of our most favorite activities is our week long day and half day camps for the kids! These camps are jam packed with horsey summer fun! They are a great way to spend the day learning everything about horses from proper grooming, riding and, everything in between!

Transitions Kids Camps